Thursday, February 18, 2016

Netiquette computer rules.


Rule 1: Remember the Human
Definition: Remember there is a real human behind the screen.

Rule 2: Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life
Definition: Think before you send things, search things, and comment on things.

Rule 3: Know where you are in cyberspace
Definition: Remember that someone will always see the thing you commented, posted, and sent.

Rule 4: Respect other people’s time and bandwdith
Definition: Don't waste people’s time and signals.

Rule 5: Make yourself look good online
Definition: Make yourself a good computer user not a mean or bad one.

Rule 6: Share expert knowledge
Definition: Share your expert knowledge to others.

Rule 7: Help keep flame wars under control
Definition: Make sure you don’t send out rumors that aren’t officially true.

Rule 8: Respect others privacy.
Definition: Don’t be stalking others accounts or even looking at others computer screens.

Rule 9: Don’t abuse your power.
Definition: Don’t take advantage of other people that don’t have the experience that you do.

Rule 10: Be forgiving of others people’s mistakes.
Definition: If someone where to make a mistake, either don’t say anything about it, or just correct them politely.

Thursday, October 29, 2015



 My reaction on this article is that it's very interesting because it refers to "back to the future" and what it would be like. The thing that interests me is that I'll never know what the futures of cars will be like, so I enjoyed reading this article and be informed about cars in the future.  I also thought that I could never imagine night vision on cars. I really want to see what technology we will inherit in the next decade or two. It seems crazy that there might be flying or self driven cars in the future.
   Cars should have wifi everywhere you go in the car, also cars should have bathrooms built int the side of the car so it's like a pop-out bathroom.They should even have TV's that hang down in front of the passengers in the car, but there will not be a TV in front of the driver because safety is first! And that's what I think cars should have in the future. 


Monday, October 26, 2015

                                "Be somebody that makes everybody feel like a somebody" ~ KID PRESIDENT

I first saw this quote on Yea, I know it sounds crazy but it's true. I chose this quote because kid president is my idol. People should treat people how they want to be treated. I want to be like him because he has taught this world so much I can't even explain.